Photo or it didn’t happen! The way to make your digital contribution as high-quality as possible is with a portable, lightweight selfie stick or tripod to eliminate unwanted motion and give your first-person photography the right perspective. Here are a few highly rated options to choose from.

Top Pick

Change your point of view with this product, which weighs only 3.7 ounces. Vproof

The simplest and most unobtrusive smartphone mount is just a telescoping rod with a phone holder at one end: aka the selfie stick. They’re lightweight, sleek, and easily stashed in a pack, bag, or pocket. Look for one-piece construction with a universal mount that will fit any smartphone and case.

Shoot From a Distance

Thanks to an adapter, this product can also connect to action cameras. BZE

If you want a little more function out of a selfie stick, consider one that also has extendable legs at the base. They can be folded up for use as a standard selfie stick or extended to create a stable platform for remote photography.

Extra Length

Thanks to a stable base, this product is ideal for video chatting, too. Fugetek

A heavy-duty selfie stick with a tripod base and Bluetooth remote control offers the ultimate in versatility. The platform is more stable, is just as extendable as a selfie stick, and houses a wireless shutter release to provide exacting photography or video from any distance. No more fiddling with timed releases!