Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Toddler Mattress

Resting your child on the right mattress will help him or her rest better at night.

As a toddler, your kid spends a lot of time sleeping (or we hope so, for your sake). To keep your toddler not only comfortable, but also safe, you want to be particular when it comes to choosing the right toddler mattress for his or her crib. There are three major things you want to look for: one with a removable and washable cover, one that is Greenguard Gold certified, and one that is built to last.


Clean up messes with ease thanks to a removable mattress cover. Graco

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We know you’ve already got plenty of laundry as a parent, but it’s better to be able to wash something versus replacing it completely, right? There is no denying that messes are going to happen on a toddler mattress. From diaper spills to food messes, and much more in between, it’s going to be impossible to keep it clean, not to mention the fact you want to regularly wash it to keep it fresh and clean for your toddler. That’s why having a toddler mattress that has a removable and washable cover is an absolute must. Simply remove it from the mattress, clean, and it’s like a new mattress again.

Greenguard Gold certified

A Greenguard Gold certification means no toxic chemicals were used in the manufacturing process of a toddler mattress. Delta Children

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Keeping harmful chemicals away from your child is a big concern for parents bit it’s harder to do than you may think. Many mattresses are made with materials that are not safe, so be sure you find a toddler mattress that is Greenguard Gold certified, meaning it does not contain any toxic chemicals to prevent it from burning, yet it still passes all flammability tests. This certification also ensures your toddler mattress is environmentally friendly thanks to the low chemical emissions it took to manufacture it.


Any item that transitions from baby to toddler will save your bacon. Colgate

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This is no news flash to parents, but babies are expensive. They require a lot of different things to survive in a happy and healthy way, so it’s nice to double-up and save on items when you can. A toddler mattress is one of them. Find a mattress that has two sides—one that is firm for when your baby is young, then when your kid grows into a toddler, a reverse side that’s less padded and better suited for that age.