What to Look for in an Automatic Paint Sprayer

When it’s time to transform your home, look for a sprayer that delivers quick and even results.

Automatic paint sprayers offer several benefits over roller and brush painting. Using compression, air, and/or pressure, sprayers disperse a fine mist of paint evenly and efficiently. This means anything you paint will appear even and smooth once the paint dries, which in turn creates a durable and long-lasting finish.

Use this for any and all projects, but especially jobs that require higher viscosity products like sealants. Graco

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Airless paint sprayers are highly pressurized and evenly distribute paint droplets across any surface. This painter is ideal for thicker mediums, like oil-based paints, varnishes and sealants. However, an airless sprayer works on any and all surfaces with any type of paint, which might make it worth the slightly higher price point for you.

Comes with several nozzles and settings so you can easily control the flow with precision, and a spare tank for fast refilling. Wagner Spraytech

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Pneumatic paint sprayers use lots of air and excess paint. However, they produce an incredibly fine mist that can be used to create exceptional detail. HVLP sprayers are less exact than pneumatic sprayers, but conserve more paint. They also typically offer a wider range of compatible paints and surfaces, which makes them the go-to for DIYers.

Use on walls, woodwork and furniture. REXBETI

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Properly maintaining your automatic paint sprayer means it will function for years to come. Look for a sprayer that has appropriate tools for cleaning, and attaches to a garden hose so you can flush it thoroughly between uses.