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So, you’re ready to get some running shoes, huh? That likely means you are taking up running or continuing your life as a runner. First of all, congrats to you because running is one of the most dreaded exercises. It takes a lot of work to find the motivation to get outside, and even more work to keep yourself running. The key to a good run (aside from a solid playlist, of course), is the right pair of running shoes. Women need running shoes with three specific things: foot support, the right fit, and advanced cushion technology. Here are some notes on how to find a pair with all three qualities.

All shoes need to provide good foot support, especially if it’s a pair of running shoes. Brooks

The amount of support someone needs in their shoes depends upon the height of their arch. If you have a normal arch, then you won’t need quite as much support as someone who has a low arch, or someone who has a high arch. Whatever height your arch, you need some level of support to keep your feet comfortable and safe while running. There are some great women’s running shoes that provide the right amount of support to keep your arch in a neutral position. However, if you struggle with support, you may want to look into adding a support insert into your running shoe.

This model has a cloudfoam memory sockliner and textile lining. adidas

There are some running shoes made for men but liked by females as well. If you’re looking at these for basic everyday wear, that’s great—find the shoes in your size and rock them. If you are looking to run in these shoes, you should instead opt for a pair of running shoes made for women. Why is that? Because they fit the structure of women’s feet. Which means, they will keep your feet safer when you’re putting them to the ultimate test: running. Comfort and functionality are key with running, so do not get a shoe based on how it looks. There are fabulous women’s running shoes made specifically for women’s feet, so be sure that’s what you’re shopping for.

Jogging means pounding your feet on pavement or a treadmill, which makes cushion very important. ASICS

While running is a great workout, it is no secret that it can be quite hard on your body. The continued pounding action of your feet on either the treadmill or pavement is a lot of shock for your body to absorb. To help, cushions exist. There are many different types of cushion, and some work better than others. The ideal cushion has advanced technology that provides shock absorption, particularly in the heel area. The heel needs help in absorbing shock, so cushion technology will make your run much more comfortable and safer for your body.

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This is a great pair for joggers that need a blend of support, stability, and cushioning. Brooks

This pair has a soft platform heel for improved comfort. ASICS

This pair is constructed with both natural and synthetic materials. New Balance