Sometimes working out what to buy for a newborn, especially your first born, is almost as difficult as settling on a name. There are so many brands, and so many things to consider. So here are four items that will help baby settle in and allow new parents to relax, safe in the knowledge they have chosen first in class.


Wipes parents trust

Made with pure water, plus a bit of fruit extract as a skin conditioner.

Many new parents don’t want to deal with the mess of cotton wool and water at nappy changing time. WaterWipes are a convenient alternative, made from 99.9 percent pure water, they are considered safe even for premature babies.

Clean, cute and cozy

Adorable hooded towel for bathtime to not only dry…but also introduce baby to peek-a-boo. Adore Home

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Bathtime splashes are followed by a cozy cuddle in these hooded baby towels that wrap baby up papoose style. Available as a two-pack — with one in pink or blue with matching piping and the other in white with customers’ choice of trim — they are an ideal mix of function and style.

Baby in bed

Night, night, the bugs won’t bite — but baby can safely bite on these teething rails. loveforsleep

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A cot that serves as a baby cot, storage unit, baby mat and teething rails has to be a winner. In an attractive mint, this one is painted with non-toxic rails so infants teething can gnaw away. With a foam aloe vera mattress included, there are three height positions and from a mini-cot it can be converted to a small bed with lifted rails for children up to the age of 3 years old.

Splish, splash, splosh

Could there be anything more adorable than a bathing baby? Shnuggle

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Bathing babies has come a long way from the kitchen sink and this clever baby bath allows them to remain horizontal with bottom support and a soft neck rest and a padded base to protect little feet. A variety of colours include aqua, pink, blue, white, grey and also gold, a throne for the little prince or princess.