Beard Trimmers to Keep Your Facial Fuzz Looking Fine

Whether it’s a handlebar moustache or full grizzly beard, here’s how to keep it tidy.

If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to grow a beard and being allowed to grow a beard, count yourself lucky. In Russia, in the late 17th to early 18th century, a tax was imposed on any man sporting a beard and, if they refused to pay, they were forcibly shaved. If you want to keep yours looking trim, a beard trimmer can help.

Cape Included

Self-sharpening with low noise and a number of different attachments, this device is designed for home or professional use. BarberBoss

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Most beard trimmers aren’t exclusively for beards. They are usually bladed devices that, by adding different accessories, can be used to clip everything, whether you want to give yourself a haircut, neaten up your beard or moustache, or give your body hair a quick trim. If you want a multi-functional trimmer, just make sure that the accessories you need are included. You can usually buy them later, but if you get them packaged in, at least you know that they’ll fit.

With LED Display

Multi-functional, powerful and ergonomic, with a smart reminder feature that prompts you to charge or oil it, this device has it all. Limural

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These days your beard trimmer is likely to be electric rather than manual, and run on rechargeable batteries rather than corded. Unless you’re planning on taking a long trip without access to power (or more likely travelling light and not wanting to take your charger) battery life is likely to be less of a concern. But it’s worth noting that most devices will give you anything from an hour and a half to as much as five hours on a single charge—and that the best will have either a digital display, or a light indicator, to show you how much charge is left.

Washable & Waterproof

With multiple accessories enabling you to take on head to toe grooming, including contour edging and trimming, this kit can also be used in the shower. Braun

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If you like to trim in the shower, look for a waterproof device. Even if you don’t, being able to rinse off the blades rather than dust them is a valuable timesaver, and makes maintenance easier. Being waterproof also means that you can keep it in a damp, steamy bathroom without worrying that the moisture is going to damage it.