In parts of the world of marketing, it is doctrine that men’s interests are limited to football, beer, golf and DIY and thus present-givers must buy gifts that are somehow related. Of course, not all men are interested in these and, even if so, they may have enough golf balls to fill a pond or beer tankards to open their own pub. There are so many more brilliant items to consider, so think outside the (gift) box this year.

Music man

64GB storage tablet with outstanding four-speaker audio designed by Harman Kardon. HUAWEI

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With powerful 3D surround sound from this small lightweight tablet, this is perfect for music lovers, film enthusiasts and dedicated gamers. Fully charged gaming, listening or watching sessions can last up to eight hours.

Shoulders down

The way to a man’s heart is through his shoulders. MARNUR

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My shoulders/back/neck never ache’ are words that have never been uttered by any man ever. Whether it be bad posture, too much time spent at a computer or driving, this deep kneading massager has eight contact points that rotate to relieve stress and pain as well as heat to relax sore and tired muscles. While it can be plugged in at an electronic source, the massager comes with charge adapters so it can even be used when driving and the shape can be modified to work on the back, waist and legs for relief from aches and pains.

Cozy up

This hoodie-cum-blanket is the one he has been waiting for. Seogva

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Taking the old “Slanket” to the next level, the Seogva Oversized Sherpa Hoodie is not just for reclining on the sofa watching TV; the softest of fabrics made from flannel and cotton can also be worn out and about, the warmth moving with your lucky recipient as they attend concerts, camp or travel. Worth noting it comes as one-size-fits-all, in a choice of five colours, light gray, dark gray, pink, blue and dark red. Plus it is unisex — so the lucky man who receives it may have a few other members of the family trying to borrow it too.

Cable chaos sorted

Organise electronic chargers, cables and other techie paraphernalia on the go. HCFGS

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If you think about it, cables rule our lives but organising them is no mean feat, which is why this travel cable organiser bag is an ideal gift to store phone cables, memory cards, USB sticks, headphones — and it even has a space for old fashioned pens, surprisingly useful when travelling. And at just 25 x 18cm it will fit into a briefcase,or ‘man-bag’ plus it is shockproof and waterproof too. (Now throw in a label-maker to identify all those cables and you will have a happy organized man.)