The average Brit will move house around eight times in their lifetime, and that’s an awful lot of cardboard boxes to be lugging around. Whether you’re DIYing or getting the professionals involved, you’re probably going to need to do some packing, so here’s what you should think about when buying your boxes.

Top Pick

Made from materials from well-managed forests and printed with water-based inks, these are 100% recyclable and have a large capacity. BANKERS BOX

It sounds obvious but think about what you need to pack. It’s tempting to think the bigger the better but if you have books to pack, the largest boxes are going to end up too heavy to carry when they’re full. While you may want a bigger box for soft furnishings, look for something more manageable when it comes to packing books, kitchen kit, and other heavy items.

Environmental Choice

These 44-litre containers come with a marker and a roll of adhesive strip for secure closure. Direct Global Trading

 If the thought of buying yet more cardboard packaging weighs heavily on your conscience, look for an eco option. While cardboard is recyclable, it’s even better if you can use boxes that are already made from recycled material. Look for the FSC Recycled logo, which is the Forestry Stewardship Council’s guarantee that it’s made from 100% recycled content. Recycled content helps to alleviate the pressure of demand on sources of new material and protect the world’s forests.

Reinforced Design

With integrated handles and room indicators, this collection is easy to carry and comes with labels to indicate delicate items. Direct Global Trading

While not essential, a few added extras to look for that will make your life a lot easier include integrated handles and tickable boxes to indicate which room the contents are destined for. And don’t forget the packing tape—some boxes will be sold as a package that also includes tape and a chunky pen for marking the boxes.