Do you want scented ones? Drawstring ones? Tie top ones? Heavy-duty ones? Recycled ones? Recyclable ones? Do you even know what size your bin is? As with almost everything these days, the number of choices out there when it comes to bin bags seem to be infinite, but once you work out what you need, it’s easy to make sure you get the right product for you — and your bins.

Custom Fit

Tailor-made to fit the brand’s bins perfectly, with no gaping or tearing. Brabantia

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The first thing you need to think about is the size of your bin — bin sizes are usually given in litres, so you have an idea of the volume, and they usually come in fairly standard heights and widths, so once you know the volume, you should be able to narrow down the bag you need quite easily. Most bin bags are fairly forgiving when it comes to diameter so even if your bin is a little wider or narrower than standard, as long as the volume is about right, you should be fine. If you want something that fits perfectly, it’s worth looking to see if your bin manufacturer offers their own brand of bag. These Brabantia bags are designed to sit perfectly in their bins, with no bagging or stretching, and a drawstring means everything stays inside.

Made from Recycled Farm Waste

Buying in bulk makes bags that are kinder to the environment also kinder to your wallet. Eco Bag

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While we’re all trying to be greener and reduce the amount of waste we’re throwing away by reusing and recycling, for most of us, we’re still going to be binning a certain amount of rubbish. While recyclable bags might sound like a good idea, they’re often not as strong as other types of bag. They’re ideal for small amounts of food waste — you’ll often find that the liners for food caddies are made of compostable material — but strength is what you want if you don’t want to find your rubbish on the floor. In that instance, the greenest option is to look for bin bags that are made from recycled plastic. And get large volume ones, like these, fill them, and you’ll be minimising your impact on the environment.

Good Smelling

Comes in five different colours and scents to improve both aesthetics and aroma. Concept4u

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Bins aren’t renowned for their pleasant odour, but while there are some things that you can do about that — regularly emptying them, ensuring the lids are kept clean, and using odour neutralisers on the inside can call help — opting for scented bin bags, like these, is another way to make sure your rubbish doesn’t get up your nose. Fans of these particular scented liners warn that they’re a little thin, so you might want to think about using them as liners with a heavier duty bag inside, or for more lightweight duties in the bathroom or bedroom.