You can see the appeal of a cordless vacuum. No more accidentally knocking things over with the cable, no having to stop and switch from one socket to another because the cable isn’t quite long enough, and no trip hazard when you’re trying to vacuum the stairs. But does the battery last long enough to clean the house? How heavy are they? And can they really do everything a conventional vacuum cleaner can?

With anti-hair wrap technology for a tangle-free brush roller, plus an impressive 80 minutes of cleaning time per charge. Shark

Most cordless vacuum cleaners are powered by a lithium ion battery — this means you’ll get a certain amount of time out of your cleaner before it needs to be charged again. If you have a large house or want to be able to go from sweeping up the house to the car and back again, a longer run time will be most convenient. Live in a smaller space or plan to do shorter bouts of cleaning? A shorter cleaning time should work fine.

Lightweight, with multiple brush heads, including one specifically for getting rid of pet hair. Hoover

For more versatility, look for a model that has more attachments that will fit onto the end of the hose. Some come with softer brushes that mean you can safely dust light bulbs and lighting fixtures, while others have nozzles specifically designed for getting into small crevices, or to help you keep slatted blinds dust-free. Those with pets should look out for models that come with brushes that have been designed to help lift embedded cat or dog hairs from cushions and carpets.

Lightweight and versatile; 30 minutes of cleaning time per charge. Dyson

Cordless technology makes a vacuum super portable but you don’t necessarily want to be wielding the entire thing around with you if you just want to clean the car or the sofa. The smartest cordless numbers can easily be transformed from full-size vacuums into handhelds, making them two vacuums for the price of one.