Whether you’re making a cake or following a diet, accurate digital kitchen scales take the guesswork out of fiddly recipes and portion control. Here’s what to look for when shopping for a new set of scales.

Precision Functionality

Measures ingredients accurately and up to a capacity of 3 kg in 1 g increments, and 7 lbs in 0.1oz increments. With its space-saving shape, this model also fits neatly on a shelf or in a drawer. Amazon

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While most new digital scales are slimline and elegant, the surface materials vary. A plastic top is more robust than a glass display, but the latter can be easily cleaned. Some scales come with durable and chic, minimal stainless steel tops too. If you’re placing food directly on the scales, think about what will be easier to ensure hygiene with. Think about whether you’ll have wet or messy hands, which might mean button functions are better for you than a touch-screen display.

Slimline Design with Tare Function

With a large platform and large maximum capacity, this also comes with a zero function, allowing you to keep adding ingredients into the same bowl, accurately. Rubber feet keep it stable on counters. Amazon

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Most digital scales are good at measuring small increments of weight, though not all can accurately weigh tiny, light foodstuffs, such as handfuls of nuts or seeds. It’s good to consider how heavy you need your scales to go too—some go up to 5kg while others go up to just 3kg.

Easy to Clean

Minimal and elegant, this model allows you to not only measure in weights, but you can also measure milk, oil and cream in milliletres. Amazon

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Depending on what will need to be measured, consider the display functionality. Some scales can shift between metric and imperial, even while you are weighing ingredients into the same bowl, and some also measure liquids easily in fl oz and millilitres too.