While some people love the romance of popping a metal bottomed kettle on the stove and waiting for it to whistle that it’s ready, or a hot water tap with boiling water on demand, for most of us an electric kettle is the perfect solution. Here are three that fit the bill perfectly.

Rapid Boil Time

Three kilowatts of power means no hanging around with this jug kettle that’s as suitable for left-handers as right-handers. Comes in three colors and you can add a matching two- or four-slice toaster. Breville

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How many people do you usually have to make a brew for? Standard electric kettles usually have a capacity of around 1.7 litres, which the manufacturer will claim makes up to eight cups…maybe if you’re using dainty teacups, but if you’re using a decent sized mug, that’s closer to four cups. So if you’ve got a large office and regularly have to make for six, seven or more, look for a larger capacity kettle. You can get 3.5-litre versions that still look as if they’re intended for domestic, rather than industrial use.

Easy to Fill

Integrated cord storage and a removable, washable filter, as well as water gauge, flip top lid, and illumination to indicate it’s on. Also available in red, and with a matching two-slice toaster. Russell Hobbs

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If you live in a hard water area, do check that the kettle that you’re buying has a removable and cleanable filter. This is usually a section of mesh that sits inside the kettle just before the spout. It means that any scale that builds up in the kettle doesn’t end up in your drink, and can be cleaned and descaled when you clean your kettle—a combination of mechanical scrubbing and soaking in vinegar is just as effective as any of the commercial descales out there.

Minimalistic Scandinavian Style

With a stainless steel non-reflective colour coating, this option is as attractive as it’s functional. Also comes in blue, grey, and white, with a matching toaster and microwave available. Swan

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Gone are the days when you could have a kettle in any colour as long as it was stainless steel. These days, electric kettles come in a rainbow of colours and shapes so you’re bound to find one that works with your kitchen decor. If having matching appliances is important to you, check that they’re available when you purchase. Although bear in mind that some manufacturers produce limited edition colours so unless you buy them all at the same time, you might not necessarily be able to match them further down the line.