How to Find a Great Laptop for Your Budget

There are so many to pick from — so we have narrowed it down and given you the details you need to make the right choice.

When Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft 45 years ago, he set the goal of “a computer on every desk and in every home.” We are nearly there. The UK is a nation of laptop devotees. In the UK, we would rather carry out tasks on a laptop than a desktop computer or other devices, according to market research company Mintel. These are some of the most popular models.


Ultra thin and light, and projects to your phone. HUAWEI

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With fingerprint unlocking, the Matebook has been recommended by IDG Tech Advisory. It comes with multi-screen Collaboration to allow the projection of a phone screen to the laptop, enabling the editing of phone files and apps on the laptop. With a charge lasting nine hours, the Matebook comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home and it boasts a new S-shaped blade design to disperse heat; it may seem like a small thing but the heat from a laptop can make for an uncomfortably hot lap, as well as a slow-moving machine!

Good for Beginners

Thin, sleek and fast charging, this trusted brand delivers great quality at an affordable price. HP

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One of the most popular and best value laptops, the HP Stream is light at under one and a half kilos, has a 14-inch screen, and for those with aesthetic priorities comes in classy black and also an elegant white. The HP Stream also has a one year subscription to Windows 10 Home OneDrive and Office 365 — and as a relief to anyone who has ever owned a slowly charging laptop, the battery loads up by 50 per cent in just 45 minutes.

Entertainment Hub

Simple, sturdy and light design, plus it removes the risks of downloading undesirable content. HP

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The HP Chromebook is great for the web, email, social networking, and chatting online but doesn’t lend itself to downloads — making it a good choice for children who seem to be happy to download anything (even a virus). Perfect for streaming entertainment, it has dual speakers as well as access to Google One for a year which includes 100 GB of Cloud Storage.

Winner’s Choice

Edge-to-edge screen action for a fully immersive experience with unique clarity. Razer

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For the most serious and dedicated gamers this laptop is the world’s smallest gaming laptop with a thin bezel 144Hz Full HD display to deliver graphics over 25 percent faster, giving a key advantage over competitors. At less than 2cm thick with Windows Hello IR HD webcam for easy and secure logins and1080p Full HD pixels it’s game on.

Top Pick

More power and applications for the best in creativity. Apple

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One of the most powerful laptops in the Apple arsenal, the Apple MacBook Pro runs with an Intel 9i core that works up to 70 percent faster than the previous generation of models and is best in class for working on music and films. The Apple T2 chip means every file is heavily encrypted.