Everything about having gel nails is tempting; they last two weeks or more, are chip resistant and have a shine that beats regular polish hands down, excuse the pun.

However, it’s a time-consuming treatment plus expensive, not only to have the gels applied but also removed by a professional manicurist, which is why at-home kits are giving salons a run for their money.

All You Need

Choose from fun glitters, pastels, and a deep berry. HNM

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A comprehensive kit that’s even used in salons, the HNM includes manicure tools, top and base coat, six gel polishes in lilac, soft pink, lavender and plum with two fabulous glittery multicolour shades. The practical 24W nail curing lamp can be connected to a computer, iPhone or android charger and has two settings, UV or LED, the latter being quicker. The HNM set also lends itself to acrylic, false tips as well as gels and has tools for a regular manicure too.

Elegant Design

Step-by-step with professional-grade materials. MYLEE

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A 360-degree approach to achieving professional appearing gel nails, the Mylee also includes gel remover as well as the UV lamp, top and base coat, one polish in a coral shade, along with nail plate sanitiser.

Quick Work

Features 180-degree multi-angle beads to save 80 percent of setting time. DELAISUS

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With an automatic sensor to avoid any mishaps when placing hands in the curing dryer, this lamp comes without polish or tools but is a great investment for the skilled, confident at-home manicurist who already has a selection of gel polish but wants to save on time.