Whether you’re trying to shed the pounds, build muscle, keep track of your pregnancy or even check that your newborn is putting on weight as they should, a set of bathroom scales could be invaluable. And now, there’s no need to jot down every lb and oz in a little notebook as the latest Bluetooth-enabled scales can sync automatically with an app on your phone, generating progress graphs so check you’re on target, so all the hard work is done for you.

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While the scales do the heavy lifting, as it were, capturing all the data about your body — most high tech models will, as a bare minimum, record not just your weight, but also your body fat percentage — it’s the phone app that goes with them that does the useful number-crunching, calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index, a common indicator of overall health), as well as helping you track your progress with graphs. If you’re in the habit of tracking other health parameters — such as the number of steps you’ve covered, or your workouts, you might want to check that the app can also sync with whatever app you usually use to log all that. The app that works with these scales can sync the information to Apple Health and Google Fit, so whatever phone you use, you should be able to keep all your data in one place.


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There’s lots of debate about how accurate a set of scales can actually be — especially when it’s promising, as these scales do, to measure as many as 13 very specific details, including subcutaneous fat, visceral fat and muscle mass. But ultimately, the information they provide is a reference point, and as long as you try to keep as many factors constant as possible, you’ll get an idea of whether you’re heading in the right direction. So as well as keeping the scales in the same place, on a hard, flat, level surface, it helps if you weigh yourself at the same time of day. The best time is first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything. Because scales like these use a technology called bioimpedance, where the amount of fat and muscle is estimated by running a weak electric current through the body, even something as simple as drinking a glass of water before you step on the scales can affect the readings, so keep it consistent.

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While many of the Bluetooth scales out there can accommodate multiple users, recognising the characteristics of each individual and logging their data on an app, others are specifically designed for families with consideration given to the different individuals who might be weight tracking. This scale has a Pregnancy Tracker function on the app incorporating obstetrician-reviewed advice on what to expect and insights into your weight gain. Then, when your baby is born, you can add their profile to the app, and weigh them in your arms, with measurements accurate to 100g.