It’s not just cutlery drawers that need a system, we’ve all got that odds and ends drawer, or that utensils drawer, that could be really useful, if only we could find every last thing that’s inside it. That’s where an organiser like this comes to your rescue.

All In One

Created to fit areas up to 40cm wide, this clever inset has both angled areas for small pieces, as well as wider sections to hold bulkier kitchenware. Also comes in a White/Green design. Joseph Joseph

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If there’s any way you can find out which store made your kitchen, head to them before you go anywhere else as it’s possible that they’ll sell organisational inserts that will perfectly fit the drawer space. Otherwise, measure up before you buy. Many drawers are standard width, but if you want to avoid wasting any space, look for designs that can expand to fit the available space perfectly.

Stack It Up

Maximises space by accommodating up to 24 items in five angled sections, and comes with a separate two-tier rack for safely storing up to nine blades. The flatware section also comes in a larger size, for up to 48 items. Joseph Joseph

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If you have a very narrow drawer, look for a design that means that you can stack cutlery rather than having it sit adjacent. It’s worth bearing in mind that these types of organisers are better in slightly deeper drawers as they allow adequate space at the top for the drawer to shut smoothly. When measuring, take that into consideration.

Sizes That Suit

A dozen different sections can be easily configured to make the most of the space available. Also available in a pale grey colour way. InnoGear

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If you have a particularly non-standard drawer, or you want more versatility, rather than going for a designated cutlery organiser, look at the possibility of buying several trays or bins of different sizes that you can tessellate to fit your space—and select to fit the size of the stuff that you want to store.