Brits apparently put in more hours at their desk than any other nation in Europe, but are less productive than workers in France, Germany, and even the US. If you’re ready to get a more comfortable chair for the hours you’re putting in, here’s what to consider.

High Density Foam Padding

A heavyweight design with multiple adjustable aspects that works as well for deskwork as it does for a console. Also available with blue, red and purple accents. play haha

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Look for as much adjustability as possible when it comes to your office chair—although more flexibility does tend to come at a higher price. The height of the seat should be adjustable, but you might also want to adjust the angle so it’s more comfortable for you, and the backrest too.

Rock to Relax

With an almost retro space age styling, this sturdy piece of furniture is designed to contour the body and has features for both space-saving and comfort. Hbada

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Think about where your office chair is going to sit—if it’s for a home office, size might be a consideration, especially if your home office doubles as a spare room and every time you have a guest you have to lug the chair down a flight of stairs and into the garage for storage. So if that’s going to be a consideration, either look for a chair that can sit in the corner of a room without looking like an office chair, or for one that isn’t going to be too heavy and cumbersome to move around.

With Flip-Up Armrests

Lightweight and minimalist, this well-designed seat, also available in grey, is made from breathable material and has an adjustable base. COMHOMA

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Do you need armrests? Chiropractors seem divided on this. Some say that when they’re in the right position they help support the arms and so take pressure off your neck and shoulders. But others argue that they can stop you getting as close to the desk as you need to and can be fixed at the wrong height. For the best of both worlds look for adjustable armrests, or those that flip up, so you can have them down when on the phone or reading, but up when writing or typing.