Did you know that even though most fridges come with an egg holder, eggs don’t actually have to be stored in a fridge? And that while there is space in the door to hold milk, milk that’s not stored in the door will last longer as the door tends to be warmer as it’s constantly being opened? Here are a few other things you should know about mini fridges.

Silent Night Feature

Ideal for medicines or cosmetics, this personal cool box has a small capacity but will work just as well in a vehicle as a house. Koolatron

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If space really is at a premium, but you like your drinks to be chilled, look for a fridge that’s described as being an in-car cooler. These tend to come with plugs that allow them to be plugged into a vehicle, but usually have a three-pin plug option too. Be warned, they are very small — capacity is about 4 litres, which is roughly six regular cans of drink, so while they’re great for a few drinks, or a pint of milk and a sandwich, they’re not going to work for a family of four, unless you’re shopping three times a day!

Customisable Storage

Designed to be quiet enough for in-bedroom use, this refrigerator, which also comes in white, is lockable and highly rated for efficient power consumption. Subcold

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Do you need a freezer too? Many small fridges come with what they refer to as an ice box but they tend not to be as well insulated as proper freezers so while they’ll do for ice cubes and the odd ice cream, they don’t really have the space or the efficacy to handle batch cooked stews or anything like that, so manage your expectations.

With Reversible Door

Removable wire shelves and in-door bottle rack make for flexible storage, while a small freezer compartment holds an ice tray. Also available in silver and black. Russell Hobbs

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Think about what you’re planning to store in your fridge. If it’s exclusively going to be a drinks fridge, look for one that’s marketed as such as they tend to be flat-fronted and without an ice box, just several shelves which makes it a more efficient usage of space than a more conventional fridge that offers in-door storage and is designed to accommodate different shaped and sized items.