Save Space and Charge More with Combination Extension Leads

Multiple devices demand multiple outlets—but many devices today can be charged via USB ports.

At home, at the office, or when travelling, our number of necessary devices these days invariably far outweighs the number of power sockets provided, making extension cables a necessary feature of modern, connected life. But one extra plug socket at the end of a cord isn’t going to cut it when you’ve got a hairdryer, straighteners, a kindle, a camera, a laptop, a speaker and a power bank all to charge at once. Here’s what to look for in the new generation of extension cables.

Compact Design

It’s lightweight, small, stable, and non-slip, making it a great option for both desks and travel—particularly at sea—and comes with a thick, hard-wearing copper cable. Addtam

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If you need extra outlets in your bedrooms or living rooms, you’re likely to be looking for something discreet and tidy that can be hidden behind a sofa or coffee table. Look for strip-style designs that lie flat on the floor and can be easily tucked away.

Charges Up to Seven Devices

With AC outlets facing different directions, electronics won’t jostle for space on this slick, small, well-designed square. An on/off switch allows you to manually turn off all outlets and charging. BEVA

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Strip-style extensions can be less suited to desktop needs or coworking spaces, where many users might have chunky plugs or chargers which take up too much space for others to charge alongside. Power towers and cubes offer easy and equal access to outlets, regardless of plug size; look for a non-slip base to ensure stability on desks and tables.

Great for Smartphones

This classic model also comes in black and protects from short circuiting, overvoltage and overcurrent, among other things. JSVER

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Multiple mobile devices charging simultaneously, side by side, might seem something of a risk, particularly in places where voltages might be different or surges can be common. Look for extension leads with inbuilt protection from spikes and surges. Some come with on/off switches for manual charging shut-off too, which can provide peace of mind, as well as saving power.