A squeegee is a bathroom must-have. The simple and quick act of wiping the shower down immediately after use can prevent ugly water spots and help maintain overall hygiene. But do you opt for a single or dual-blade squeegee? Will you go for a metal handle or a plastic number? Let us help you decide. 

Ergonomic Design

This tool has a specially designed handle, making it easier on your fingers and more enjoyable to use. The rubber blade leaves your glass streak free and it even works well on mirrors too. Addis

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Having a squeegee knocking around the shower can be annoying, especially if you have people coming in and out all the time. If you have nowhere obvious to keep it, look at getting one with a suction pad to keep it out the way. Remember to squeegee the area behind it now and again though.

Easy to Hang Up

The curved design and flexible blade of this device makes it simple to manoeuvre and leaves your surfaces streak-free. As it’s non-metal there’s no oxidation, making it a hard-wearing option for your household sanitising. TreeLen

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If you have contoured or irregular surfaces consider a curved-blade squeegee. This will help ensure you get every drop from every nook and cranny so you aren’t left with irritating patches to deal with.

Adjustable Length

If you struggle to reach the top of your unit, this device comes with a pole. Extendable from 37 to 59cm, it’ll reach parts you can’t. It’s also handy around pools and keeping smooth surfaces clear. YORKING

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Tall shower? Go long. Some squeegees come with telescopic poles and if they don’t they can usually be fixed to one retrospectively. Check the sizing before you buy, just in case, or do a practise run in the shower to see how far you can reach.