If you’re old enough, you might remember “getting busy with the fizzy” from iconic adverts of the 1970s and 1980s, but thanks to their sustainable credentials, sparkling water makers—a bit of a misnomer, as with the right syrups, you can make all sorts of fizzy drinks—are back. Here’s what you need to know…

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This compact machine comes with a one-litre plastic bottle and a carbon dioxide canister that will make up to 60 litres of fizzy liquid. SodaStream

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The science behind making water fizzy hasn’t changed much since it was first identified in the mid-1700s. All you have to do is find a way to get carbon dioxide into it. The way that these devices do this is using canisters of the gas that are screwed into the machine. You can usually decide how fizzy you want your water to be, by deciding how much gas you release into it.

Ditch Plastic Containers

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As mentioned above, these machines offer far more than just sparkling water. By adding concentrates, you can create colas, tonic waters, lemonades and many more beverages. Most of the brands offer their own range of syrups and concentrates but you can also experiment with fresh fruit juices too. Just make sure that you only ever use water with the machine and add anything else after, as sugary syrups and juices can leave a sticky residue behind that can cause damage.

Comes in Many Colours

With a retro modern design reminiscent of an American diner, this machine comes with two one-litre containers and a gas canister. Also available in white, silver and black. Levivo

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The carbon dioxide cylinders work in the same way that gas cylinders for your barbecue do. The first one you buy is a little more expensive but when you exchange an empty one for a full one, it costs less—and because they’re refillable, they’re more environmentally friendly than buying several plastic bottles of sparkling water. Most machines use the same spec canister, which should do about 60l of water, but the bottles that they use for water can be different so do check before you buy.