For many of us, a mattress is an investment we want to keep pristine for as long as possible. They’re also notoriously difficult to clean, so how do you keep your bed in tip-top condition? Enter the mattress protector.

These ingenious pieces of material hide underneath your sheet, keeping your mattress clean and dry. A mattress protector will soak up any liquid, from a dropped morning cup of tea to drool from your favourite dog, and stop them from staining your mattress. When it’s dirty, you can just pop it in the washing machine with your sheets. No more stains, wet patches or smells. 

How do you choose the right mattress protector for you? Read our guide below to find out.

  • Waterproof Material: The first thing to consider is how waterproof you need your mattress protector to be. Some covers offer protection against smaller spills, light sweating and spots of liquid. If you need more protection, perhaps to keep a child’s bed dry after nighttime accidents, choose a topper that’s 100% waterproof.
  • Heat and Cool Technology: Do you find yourself getting too warm in the summer? Make sure you choose a mattress protector that is built with heat insulation technology so the cover doesn’t make you heat up more. Designed to provide you with the optimum temperature to sleep, these protectors will also make sure you stay toasty when it’s cold out.
  • Material: No one wants to feel like they’re sleeping on a tarpaulin. Make sure you pick a mattress protector made from soft material to avoid crinkling sounds during the night. The best covers tend to be a mix of cotton and polyester, made from terry toweling, or built from natural fibres like bamboo. These materials are breathable so you won’t overheat and smooth to the touch, so you won’t feel as though you’re lying on plastic.

Our Picks for the Best Super King Mattress Protectors on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: IMFAA 100% Water & Moisture Proof Extra Deep Terry Towel Mattress Protector Topper Cover Anti Allergy and Breathable (Super King-182×200+40 cm)

Extend the life of your bed with this watertight covering, designed to fit even the largest models. After a spill, simply pop it in the wash. IMFAA

Runner Up: RECCI Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector – Super King Mattress Protector

With heat insulation technology, this product will help you stay cool while you sleep in the summer. Plus, it’s made from natural materials, making it ideal for sensitive skin. RECCI

Budget Pick: Highliving Quilted Mattress Protector 30 cm (Super King)

The soft, hollow fibre padding in this product will help you sleep comfortably. It’s hypoallergenic too, so is great for people with allergies or asthma. HIGH LIVING

Premium Pick: ZNR Triple Filled Quilted Mattress Protector | Super king Mattress Topper

Designed with microfibre fabric, this product allows you to keep cool while still providing a soft and padded surface for a great night’s sleep. ZNR Living

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