Three Things to Know About Posture Correctors

Hunching is a bad habit too many of us have.

Posture trainers pull the shoulders back into their correct position, and restrain them there so you can’t roll them forward and drop your neck. If you’re interested in trying one, there are a few things to consider before making your choice.

Y-Shaped Support

Sized to fit chests from 27 inches to 42 inches. Gearari

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Posture correctors come in a variety of different designs — some have a simple strap running down the spine with horizontal straps that go across the shoulders the top and under the arms at the bottom so it looks side a sideways capital H, others have an X-shaped pad at the back, while some — like this one — have a Y-shaped support. It may be a question of experimenting with a few before you find the one that is right for you because while they all do the same thing, inevitably some may suit your body shape better than others

Sizes S, M, L

Comes in three sizes and two colour ways, beige and black, so it can be worn invisibly under clothes.Modetro Sports Modetro Sports

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While all posture correctors have adjustable straps — usually using velcro — so you can make it fit you perfectly, if you have a particularly small or large chest circumference, it’s worth looking for a corrector that comes in different sizes — such as this one, available in Small (30-38 inches), Medium (39-45 inches) and Large (45-53 inches). While still adjustable, getting the size that’s right for you means it should be easier to put on and take off, and more comfortable to wear too.

Extra padding

Made from lightweight neoprene fabric and available in either grey or black. Anoopsyche

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The most common complaint about posture correctors is that they chafe or rub. In some cases this may be because they’ve not been adjusted to fit properly, or because you’ve not realised that discomfort is a sign that your posture isn’t what it should be. The pain points tend to be on the top of the shoulders or under the arms and that’s why some correctors, like this one, come with additional soft pads which can be used to reduce shoulder load and friction if you’re having difficulty.