Waffles make a great breakfast or brunch treat topped with fresh berries and maple syrup — or a savoury supper sandwich with ham and eggs in the middle. With a variety of models to choose from, here are a few pointers to ensure you find the perfect waffle iron for you.


This machine comes with switchable plates to make thick waffles, toasted sandwiches and paninis Salter

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Some models are adaptable to make much more than just waffles. A good feature to look out for if you don’t make waffles very often or don’t have the storage space for several small appliances.

Easy to Clean

An American-style iron with variable temperature control and non-stick plates for easy clean up. NETTA

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Consider the ease of cleaning, or you may find your waffling days limited as the maker sits in the back of a cupboard. Professional waffle irons are typically made of cast iron, hence the name of the appliance, which can be tricky to clean. Thankfully many waffle irons for home cooks have non-stick coatings for easier wash up; some can even go in the dishwasher.

Bubble Waffles

Makes quirky Hong Kong-style bubble waffles with smart overheat protection. StarBlue

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There are a variety of waffle shapes and therefore cookers to choose from — deeper plates for a thicker American-style waffle; thinner, square shapes for crispy waffles; special pans for Danish aebleskiver; and even irons for fun, Hong Kong-style bubble waffles. Pick your favorite and get waffling.