As bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the house, finding extra storage space can be hard. You can try using a shelf above the door to keep towels and loo paper, or create a panel in the side of the bath housing for storing cleaning products, but the easiest way is to maximise the space under the sink with an organiser designed to fit around pipes.

Highly Versatile

A fixed plastic frame comes with two shelves in sections that can be configured around any piping, potentially tripling the surface area available. Addis

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If you really want to make the most of the space you have, look for a shelving unit that’s designed to fit around the plumbing. The best can be reconfigured in several ways to accommodate everything from a single pipe to a waste disposal unit, and will give you an extra shelf, almost doubling the surface area you have for storage.

Perfect for Shelves

Set of five sturdy, wipe-clean, open boxes, with integrated handles for easy access. Ideal for cleaning materials, or anything else around the house, and also available in grey and pink, in different sized packages. Wham Bam

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Even if you don’t have enough space for an additional shelf, think about organising the contents of the cupboard into separate trays, or open-topped boxes. That way you can group similar products together, making them easier to find. Just make sure that you carefully measure the dimensions of the space available and buy units that will neatly fit into the space once your products are in them.

No Tools Required

Pair of cage-style holders that slot neatly onto any existing furniture to easily fit the space available. ASTOTSELL

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If you already have a shelf cut to fit around the plumbing, think about under shelf storage—baskets or shelves that can be suspended under the existing one. But, if you do go for this option, have a think about what will be stored inside. Many of these types of baskets or drawers are made from wire which makes it easy to see what’s inside but means toothbrushes and other small items can easily fall through, so if you want to store them, look for a solid option.