The clue is in the name—a video doorbell captures video image of what’s going on outside your house when the device senses movement nearby, or a visitor presses the buzzer. But here are some things you should be aware of before you invest…

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Respond in real-time or with one of three pre-recorded responses. This device comes with a professional grade, wide-angle lens and also syncs with home assistants for in-home announcements. eufy

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What’s your WiFi like? To get the best out of a video doorbell, you’ll need a strong signal as the images are normally transmitted to an app on your phone. The best video camera in the world is only going to be as good as the network it’s on, so if you don’t have decent WiFi and a stable connection, you might want to think about getting a WiFi extender before you fit a video doorbell.

Family Friendly

With an app that can be shared among family members and unlimited cloud storage for seven days, this entry-level device is a great way to try the tech. SSYING

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Check to see whether the system that you’re buying does what you want it to do, and whether you need any additional software or hardware to operate it. While some only let you watch live video as it’s happening, others may have storage built-in, or give you the option to add an SD card which will allow you to store footage and review it later. For an additional fee, you can often purchase cloud storage that does the same thing.

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Enhance your current system using the same electric set-up to install surveillance with a wide angle lens that can call your phone, including visuals. A paid-for subscription unlocks further features. Arlo

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If you have a shared door, or live in a flat, check to see if you can set a video doorbell up so it only tells you when someone is actually pressing the buzzer, rather than when it’s detecting nearby movement. Otherwise, you’ll get a notification every time your neighbours enter and leave the building, and any time anyone in the building has a delivery, or a visitor, you’ll know about it.