Did you know that the first-ever water flosser—or oral irrigator, to give it its proper name—was invented in 1962 by a dentist? For a long, while they were the sort of thing that you’d only find in a professional setting, but now there are several models for home use. If you’re considering buying one, here’s what you need to know before adding one to your basket.

  • Pressure Settings: Select a water flosser with pressure and cleaning settings that take into account your teeth health and sensitivity. For those with easily irritated gums, you may want to choose a gentler water flosser or one that comes with low-grade settings so you can clean your teeth comfortably. Likewise, if you have braces or less-sensitive teeth, a high-power water flosser can help clean out any residual debris and give you a sparkling smile. 
  • Size and Storage: You need to balance up size against convenience. Smaller models will take up less space in your bathroom, but will hold less water so, if you use your flosser on high pressure mode, you won’t be able to floss continuously for as long. A larger water reservoir will mean you don’t have to refill mid-floss, but these models tend to have a larger footprint.
  • Multiple Heads: Whether you want to purchase a water flosser for your family to share hygienically, or want to use a variety of flossing heads for optimal clean, check if your water flosser has a removable head before purchasing. This can allow you to invest in one for the whole household and switch out heads to keep sanitary with ease!

Our Picks for the Best Water Flossers on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser

Top Pick Overall

With ten pressure settings and seven tips, you can customize your clean according to your needs. A timer and LED display help keep track of how long you clean and make it even more convenient to use. Waterpik

Runner Up: Hangsun Water Flosser

Features three different cleaning modes and four nozzles, well-suited for both sensitive and strong teeth. The removable water tank and interchangeable heads make cleaning easy between uses.

Budget Pick: Fairywill Water Flossers for Teeth

Budget Pick

Multiple heads make this model easy to share. It has a rotating nozzle function to make cleaning of all mouth areas even easier, as well as a variety of modes and long lasting battery.

Premium Pick: Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser

Premium Pick

Designed with a rechargeable battery that gives a week’s use from a single charge, three pressure settings for maximum clean, and four accessory tips. A travel bag and travel water plug are included.

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