A man in California claims that he was the first ever person to manufacture and sell a weighted blanket back in 1998, saying he came up with the idea after his daughter put a bean-filled toy on his shoulder and he found the sensation of being “hugged” by the weight of it appealing. A few decades on and they’ve become a bedroom must-have.

With Glass Beads

Single bed-sized quilted polyester throw suitable for one small grown-up. Also available in a blush pink shade, and in a 125x150cm (4kg) version, and 150x200cm (8kg) version. Brentfords

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Why do weighted blankets help us sleep so well? The theory behind it is that the extra weight, usually the result of a plastic or glass bead filling, applies pressure to the body in the same way that a hug does. This sparks the release of brain chemicals that calm us down and help us to relax.

Cosy Comfort

Evenly stitched quilted pockets ensure even distribution for this one-person thread. Also available in 125x150cm (4kg) and 150x200cm (8kg) designs and in a grey colourway. Brentfords

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When you’re picking a weighted blanket, have a think about who is going to be using it and buy accordingly—and not just from a colour and fabric point of view. When choosing a blanket, it should weigh roughly 10 per cent of your body weight—give or take. So if you weigh 60kg, you should be looking for a 6kg blanket.

Just For Youngsters

Designed specifically for little ones, this double sided throw features cartoon creatures on one side, and a textured fleece on the other. Also comes in a unicorn and stars pattern, and in two additional sizes/weights. Viceroy

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While there does seem to be some evidence that weighted blankets can help calm and soothe some children, make sure that they’re not so heavy that they can’t safely get out of bed themselves if they need to use the bathroom, or get up for any reason. The same considerations need to be taken into account if buying a blanket for anyone who is elderly or infirm.