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Three pink and light wild pink rugs and people sitting on it picnicking on a green lawn.
A man with a white shirt writing into a notebook with a pencil into the desk beside his laptop open.
A bed with dark brown ledge and two rugged white pillows all.
A blonde girl wearing sports clothes who is doing fitness with some weights in and around her are full of fitness equipment.
A persons hand wearing a pair of white and yellow athletes and tightening the sneakers.
Two woman hands holding two wine glasses filled with white wine until the middle of the glass and making cheers with each other.
Two young woman wearing yoga clothes and doing yoga into a large room with light and wooden floor.
A cup being filled with coffee and being caught by the hand of a person.
A silver gooseneck kettles with a black holding hand over the oven.
Bedroom with blue bed frame, mattress, and pillows