Digital scale next to sports equipment
Digital scales are extremely accurate and make it easy to track your weight loss (or gain). Renpho Renpho

Anyone who has ever tried to lose or gain weight knows that an accurate bathroom scale is an important tool in the process. Whether you are counting calories, trying vegetarian, soldiering through the Whole30 diet or going full Paleo with a Keto twist, monitoring changes in weight is the only way to establish goals and stick to them. Look for these features in today’s sophisticated personal scales to reach your optimal body weight.

Low Profile

Modern bathroom scales are thin, sleek, and easy to stash out of the way when not in use. Letsfit

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Weight management can be a big presence in everyday life, but a bathroom scale doesn’t have to be. Slim profile-digital scales with a sleek, techy design stay out of the way and complement any bathroom motif.

Bluetooth Enabled

If you’re tracking your health goals on an app, a Bluetooth compatible scale can send information straight to your smartphone. RENPHO

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Modern bathroom scales have become so sophisticated that many now operate with your smartphone. Program your weight-loss goals, check daily progress, or wirelessly connect the scale to fitness-management devices and apps such as Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.


Some of the “smartest” bathroom scales can also measure body fat, muscle mass, and other vital statistics. FITINDEX

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Body weight is not the only metric modern scales can measure. Body fat, bone density, muscle mass, metabolism, and other vital health indices can be detected through the surface of a multi-modal digital scale.