Best coffee maker to put a spring in your step

Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee every day with a filter coffee machine

Do you love coffee but struggle to get the taste right at home? Do you want a simple, fuss-free way to brew your favourite beans? Look no further than a filter coffee maker. These machines are easy to use and a breeze to clean, brewing great tasting coffee again and again.

  • Timer: One of the best things about filter coffee machines is you can set them to brew coffee ready for when you wake up. When browsing for a device, check to make sure it has this feature. You can get a good idea of how easy the machine will be to programme from the pictures.
  • Capacity: Think about how many cups of coffee you’ll want to make at one time. If you drink a lot of the stuff, like to make batches to put in the fridge, or have lots of coffee-loving friends and family, look for a machine with a large jug so you can make multiple cups at once. If you will just want a drink or two, choose a maker with a smaller pot—or even a single cup maker—to minimise waste. Most machines will keep your brew warm for around 40 minutes, so consider how many cups you’re likely to drink in that amount of time.
  • Filters: Some filter machines come with permanent filters built into them. For others, you’ll need to use filter papers. Permanent filters take a little longer to clean, or you’ll need to keep a supply of papers handy. Check the specs to see whether the makers have built-in filters and choose a machine that will suit your cleaning needs.

Our Picks for the Best Drip and Filter Coffee Machines on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: AICOK Filter Coffee Machine

Warms Up Quickly

Make 12 cups in a flash with 50% quicker heating. Stays hot for up to 40 minutes. AICOK


Runner Up: Tassimo Bosch Suny ‘Special Edition’ Coffee Machine

Easy To Use

This machine can read barcodes on pods and automatically brew a perfect cup for you. Make more than 70 drinks from more than 11 brands, including cappuccinos, espressos, and more. Tassimo


Great for Busy Days: Morphy Richards On The Go Coffee Machine

Designed for Portability

Don’t compromise on taste if you’re short on time. Get your caffeine fix to-go with this one-mug device, complete with thermal travel beaker. Morphy Richards


Premium Pick: Smeg Drip Coffee Machine

Retrofuture Design

Customise your drinks by choosing a light or intense flavour. Plus, the vintage look and multiple colour choices guarantee a stylish piece for your kitchen. Smeg