The Best Gooseneck Kettle Is The Secret to a Perfect Coffee

No more hit-and-miss when making your morning brew.

Who would have thought that simply popping some grounds into filter paper and pouring hot water over them would produce a brew good enough to take on even more expensive, shop-bought rivals? Yet somehow ‘pour over’ coffee works. But key to securing a rich, deep flavour is getting an even pour—and that’s where a gooseneck kettle comes in. 

  • The beauty of a gooseneck kettle is its ability to pour water in exactly the right place. How many times have you used a normal kettle and sloshed it over the side of the cup? That’s because of the design of the spout. The S-shape of a gooseneck eliminates accidents and gives you more control, so you can make sure all the grounds are evenly covered and secure the best possible taste.
  • While stovetop gooseneck kettles are more versatile (you can even take them camping), electric kettles boil water much more quickly and efficiently. Having power allows them to provide helpful features like being able to vary the boiling temperature of the water and hold it there for as long as you wish. 
  • Coffee experts will tell you the best brew comes when the water is at 96 degrees Celsius—no more, no less. Using a thermometer on a kettle is almost impossible, so look for gooseneck kettles with a built-in device so you can set it to the perfect temperature. Of course, 96 degrees isn’t right for everyone so a thermometer also lets you experiment to discover what’s right for you.

Our Picks for the Best Gooseneck Kettles on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Melitta Gooseneck Kettle

Plug-In Perfection

With six pre-programmed settings so you can choose the heat that’s right for you and an easy-to-use LED display, this is a fantastic addition to any kitchen.


Budget Pick: Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

Beautiful Practicality

This doesn’t just look good, it makes fantastic coffee as well thanks to a built-in heat gauge that makes sure the water’s always just right for you. Coffee Gator


Premium Pick: Fellow CD Stagg Stag Kettle

One-Litre Capacity

With a brew-range thermometer and weighted handle, this item ensures a comfortable and exact pour. Fellow


Also Consider: JBK Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Set Your Exact Heat

A digital display base lets you set the exact temperature for your brew. Activate the Keep Warm feature with the push of a button, holding the set temperature instead of triggering the auto-shut off. Jaybird Kaffe


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