Best Gym Bag for Lugging Your Gear

Never again will you carry your trainers in a plastic bag.

You’re not at school any more, so there’s no excuse for carrying your sports equipment around in a plastic bag. The items we wear and use for keeping fit usually don’t come cheap, so it makes sense to invest in a gym bag that will properly protect your gear and make going to the gym or the sports field all that more convenient. Here’s what to think about before you buy:

  • Sport of Choice: Depending on your discipline of choice, you’ll want a gym bag with a certain capacity and compartments. Most come with ventilated trainer compartments and wet pockets for swimming gear and toiletries (or clothes that you’ve sweated through), and some are big enough to hold an inflated basketball.
  • Versatility:  A gym bag needn’t be just for the gym. They also serve perfectly well as carry-on luggage for flights. If you plan to use your sports bag for travel, pick one with special compartments for your laptop and tablet.
  • Durability: Sports bags tend to deal with a lot of rough and tumble, whether being slung onto the floor of a bus or stuffed into a tiny locker. It makes sense, therefore, to invest in a bag that’s designed for durability. Your future self will thank you.

Our Picks for the Best Gym Bags on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: FitBeat Duffle Gym Bag

User-Friendly Design

With 35 litres of space and able to carry up to 40 kilos in weight, this is a fantastic all-purpose option. Pockets are designed for trainers, towels, headphones, and water bottles. FitBeast

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Runner Up: Under Armour Undeniable Duffle Gym Bag

Water Resistant

Robust and water repellent, this reliable holdall will keep your gear dry. A vented pouch is also perfect for storing dirty gym kit or trainers while in transit. Under Armour

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Great Value: BonClare Sports Duffle Bag

Large Capacity

This practical option has designated spaces for laptops, toiletries, and three days’ worth of clothes. Yet it’s still compact enough to be taken as carry-on luggage on most flights. BonClare

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Also Consider: CoCoMall Sports Gym Bag

Smart and Simple

A no-fuss option, this holdall comes with everything you need, including a designated, vented space for your trainers and an adjustable padded strap. CoCoMall

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