Best Insoles to Stride in Comfort

Walk tall with our pick of the best shoe inserts.

Being on our feet is essential—it allows us to work, play, and adventure with ease, but foot pain can get in the way of enjoying everyday activities. Insoles were invented around the 18th century and have seen some serious improvements since then. With materials such as foam, gel, cork, and leather, there are a variety of options to suit any shoe. Many are ergonomically designed to support different areas of the foot, so you can walk and stand without aches and pains. Read on for our guide to the best… 

  • Type of Insole: Insoles can be broadly split into two groups: support and cushioning. A cushioning insert acts as a soft bed for the foot and can offer extra comfort if you are on your feet a lot. These can also help improve the fit of a pair of shoes that are slightly too large. Inserts that keep the foot in the optimal position are also called orthotics and are designed for people with issues such as fallen arches (sometimes called flat feet), overpronation (where the ankle falls in), or plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tissue underneath the foot).
  • Shoe Type: Are you looking for an insole for work or around the house? Or will you be wearing them to play sports? Look for insoles that are designed for the level of impact you need, as well as the proper length to suit your shoe of choice. If you buy a full-length insert then it’s likely you’ll need to remove the shoe’s existing insole to fit the new one, while a three-quarter length model can usually sit on top. For those who like to wear high heels, some insoles are specifically designed to make your favorite pump more comfortable.
  • Material: Consider the material the insole is made from before you buy, as different materials will suit different shoes and situations. Foam and leather are great for cushioning, while gel is used for shock absorption. Cork provides good support, especially for the arches and heel. Insoles with charcoal are designed for minimising bad odours, so you can keep your shoes smelling fresh. Remember, while some insoles will be size-specific others may cover a range of sizes and need to be cut to size.

Our Picks for the Best Insoles on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

Everyday Fit

The deep cup and reinforced structure keep each foot aligned properly and prevent your ankles and feet from rolling inwards for maximum support. It has a micro-fibre top layer and absorbs shocks. FootActive


Runner Up: 3ANGNI Orthotic Insole High Arch Foot Support Soft Plantar Fasciitis

Improves Posture

Designed with a multi-layer construction of memory foam, cork, and latex to support heel, arches, and mid areas. Available in multiple colours and sizes. 3ANGNI


Budget Pick: riemot Memory Foam Insoles

Extra Softness

This washable and breathable option is designed to fit and give a more comfortable walking experience. They work well for knee injuries and plantar fasciitis.


Premium Pick: Orthotic Sports Insoles by FootActive

Designed for Athletes

These inserts have a moisture wicking top surface, shock absorbing pads, a stabilising cup for the back of the foot and a robust lift for arches. Cut to size for the perfect fit. FootActive


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