The Best Picnic Blanket for Outdoor Get Togethers

A cheerful rug will let you eat and drink outdoors in comfort.

A picnic blanket isn’t just for picnics. For most households, picnic blankets an unsung hero that gets pressed into service for a myriad of different tasks all year round, from having something to sit on while enjoying outdoor meals to becoming knee warmers on a chilly evening. Often, they languish in the boot of the car and are pulled out for extra warmth on camping trips or fishing expeditions. They also regularly become beach towels and surface protectors. All this said, it’s important to pick one that’s not just for picnics, but a good all-rounder. Here’s what to look for in the best picnic blanket.

  • Size: Go big or go home. Your picnic blanket has to fit you, whoever you’re with, and all your food and drink comfortably—otherwise, you’ll find yourself sitting half-on and half-off the rug with a soggy bottom (this is Britain, remember. The ground is always wet). Look for one that is at least 25 square feet (though larger is certainly better). It should also fold up small so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag or car, and it’s helpful if it comes with a handle for easy carrying.
  • Material: Make sure it’s comfortable to sit on—you won’t want to spend too long sitting or lying on a blanket that’s scratchy or itchy. Many swear by woollen rugs, which are soft yet durable (although they often don’t pack up very small). Fleece offers insulation, is light-weight, and is easy to wash, but isn’t always kind on the skin. Alternatively, acrylic/cotton blends are warm and durable too, while nylon will last long.
  • Protection: Whatever else you choose, make sure your picnic blanket waterproof in case the ground is damp and machine-washable so you can clean it easily after every use. Other things to look for are built-in insulation layers if you plan to use it in cold weather, rugs made of microfibre to make it sand-proof if you hope to use it at the beach and pet-friendly blankets designed so that dog hair just slips off rather than gets stuck into the fabric.

Our Picks for the Best Picnic Blanket on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: G GOOD GAIN Picnic Blanket

Machine Washable

Available in three different designs, this protects against moisture and sand. Thanks to a handle, it’s also easy to carry. G GOOD GAIN

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Runner Up: SKYSPER Picnic Blanket

Seven Cute Designs

Soft to the touch and benefiting from a layer of sponge under the flannelette cover, this is tear-resistant, strong, and easy to clean—wipe it down or simply shake it to remove sand.

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Budget Pick: Gosure Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Fits Four To Eight People

Made of durable Oxford Cloth, this bright little number is tear-resistant. It’s also easy to wipe dirt off or simply hand wash. Gosure

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Also Consider: ISOPHO Extra Large Picnic Blanket

Small When Folded

Hugely versatile, this item can fit up to seven people and is pierce-proof. It can be anchored down and comes in multiple colours. ISOPHO

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