The Best Single Bed Frame to Help You Sleep Tight Every Night

A good night’s sleep works wonders and key to a great kip is choosing the right bed.

With the first discovered beds being more than 200,000 years old, it seems human beings have always sought comfort at night. But beds have come a long way from being the thick piles of grass placed on top of ash that our ancient ancestors enjoyed. Nowadays we understand just how important sleep is—it recharges our internal batteries, gives our bodies time to repair themselves, and helps stave off illness. So, it’s worth taking time to choose the one that’s best for you. 

  • Mattress Size: Bed frames simply provide a home for your mattress. But it’s important to make sure that you get a frame that actually fits your mattress—otherwise, you’ll be stuck sleeping on a mattress on the ground, staring up at your bed frame. Most single beds come in a standard size  (90 centimeters wide) and are mainly suitable for children, although they can occasionally be used by adults.
  • Room Size: The type of bed frame you choose should be determined not just by your taste, but by the size of your room. Smaller spaces suit divans, which don’t have heads and footboards and therefore take up less room. You can also look out for frames with drawers underneath for hidden storage. If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, consider a high headboard for a high-class, hotel-style touch. 
  • Frame Material: When choosing a bed frame, it’s important to know what you’re capable of taking care of. Wooden beds not only look classy but are sturdy, too. But you can’t beat metal for durability—even if it creaks occasionally. Upholstered bed frames, whether leather, fabric, suede, or velvet, bring a touch of luxury and often feature padding for added comfort. But they’re more high-maintenance than metal or wooden beds and need regular cleaning. 

Our Picks for the Best Single Bed Frames on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Home Treats Single Bed White

Durable and Classic Design

Perfect for children and strong enough to be used occasionally by grown-ups. The simple design in a neutral colour would suit any bedroom, with the headrest and footboard adding an elegant touch. Home Treats


Runner Up: Aingoo Single Bed Frame with Headboard

Stylish Simplicity

Comfortable and sturdy with an attractive modern look, this metal design is great for the kids’ or guest room. It also has plenty of space underneath for storage.


Great for Kids: Vida Designs Sydney High Sleeper Bunk Bed

Space-Saving Fun

Every young person dreams of spending a night up high in a design like this. Bonus: parents can even hope they might get some more schoolwork done with its built-in desk.
Vida Designs


Also Consider: Vida Designs Milan Single Bed

Comes in Three Finishes

This option is made from lumber and flat packed, so it requires assembly. There is a 23 of space between the frame and floor that can be used for storage.
Vida Designs


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