Best Wine Cooler Fridges for a Perfectly Chilled Glass

Stay cool and sip away with your favorite vino.

When it comes to optimal wine storage, maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity will keep your bottle fresh. This is why the wine cellar was created—the dark and cool environments helped wine cool during summer and prevented freezing in colder months. Though few modern homes come with the luxury of a wine cellar, you can still keep  bottles in optimal condition with the variety of wine cooler options available. Read on for our selection of the best wine coolers.

  • Number of Bottles: Whether you’re a regular wine drinker and want to keep a mini ‘cellar’, an enthusiastic party host, or just want somewhere to store the occasional bottle, there are a range of sizes to suit your needs. Almost every capacity size is now available, with models designed for everything from six bottles to several hundred.
  • Temperature: Wine experts advise that white wine should be stored between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius and champagne between 5 and 8 degrees. The optimal temperature for red wine, meanwhile, is between 12 and 19 degrees. So when buying a wine cooler check the temperature range is suitable for the bottles you want to chill. Some wine chillers allow you to store red or white, while others have two different temperature zones in the same fridge.
  • Space: As ever with a new appliance you’ll also need to check the available space in your house. Whether you plan to keep your wine fridge on a counter top or on the floor you’ll need to be sure the dimensions fit, taking into consideration that some models need clearance so air can circulate. For those with limited space, some slimline designs are now at less than 20 centimetre wide.

Our Picks for the Best Wine Coolers on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Russell Hobbs 20 Bottle/62L Lockable Wine Cooler

Suits Reds and Whites

Accommodates nearly two dozen containers and has a thermostat with a range of 5-18 degrees Celsius. It can be lit up internally, has slide-out shelves, and the door can be latched shut. Russell Hobbs


Runner Up: Baridi 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Slim Design

The tempered mirror glass door is designed to reflect UV rays and help protect your wine from the light. Even with a width of just 25.2cm, it can still accommodate a dozen bottles. Dellonda


Operates Quietly: Cookology 30cm Wine Cooler, 20 Bottle Capacity

Versatile Temperature Range

The reversible glass door is double glazed for a consistent temperature and is UV resistant to protect your drinks. Also has a locking system and a temperature range of 5 to 20 degrees Celsius.


Budget Pick: Vicloon Wine Cooler,Wine Chiller with Stainless Steel Wine Pourer

No Electricity Needed

Keep the rod in the freezer and then place it inside a bottle after opening. It will keep wine cool and enable wine to ‘breathe’ via the in-built aerator. Rinse after use and replace in the freezer. Vicloon


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