The Best Yoga Mat to Help You Chill Out During Your Workout

Channel your inner yogi with these durable mats.

Are you sliding around in Downward Dog? Struggling with sore knees in Child’s Pose? You need to get yourself a yoga mat. An essential piece of kit for any yogi, these mats offer a comfortable, non-slip surface to make it easier to practise your poses. The best part is that you can use them either indoors or outdoors. And they’re not just for yoga—any floor-based exercise can be made more comfortable with a yoga mat. Here’s how to pick the best one for you.

  • Material: Make sure you choose a yoga mat that’s made from non-slip materials, like plastic or rubber. These materials also help to make them sweat-proof so they won’t get slippery or absorb moisture as you workout. Some will have two sides—one that clings to the floor to stop the mat itself moving around and another that gives your feet something sturdy to grip onto.
  • Portability: Yoga mats are easy to carry with you because they’re so light. If you need your mat to be super-portable, opt for one that is easy to roll up. Some even come with straps that turn the mat into a shoulder bag that can hold small towels, or come with a separate carrying bag.
  • Alignment Points: If you need some help with your positioning while doing yoga, choose a mat with alignment guides. Often used in studios, these guides help align your feet, balance your centre of gravity and concentrate your gaze. They’re embossed right into the mat, so you’re ready to go as soon as it’s unfurled.
  • Thickness: Yoga mats come in a variety of thicknesses. The thinner the mat, the easier it is to roll up and carry around. But thicker mats offer more support for hands and knee exercises. They’ll also be comfier if you use them for non-fitness purposes. If you want the best of both worlds, opt for a mat that’s ⅛-inch thick.

Our Picks for the Best Yoga Mats on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: TOPLUS Classic Pro Yoga Mat

Easy to Transport

The environmentally-safe material is embossed to make sure it’s comfortable and won’t slide around while you’re using it. Weighing only 1kg, it’s light enough to take with you on-the-go.


Runner Up: Maximo Fitness Exercise Mat

Lightweight and Durable

The water-resistant foam wicks away sweat and makes cleaning a breeze. The additional padding ensures a comfy, sturdy surface. Maximo Fitness


Great Versatility: KG Physio Yoga Mat

Easy to Clean

This works well for many different routines—the quality cushioning absorbs impact, and it has a sweat-proof surface. Plus, the carrying handle makes it easy to transport.
KG Physio


Also Consider: Proworks Yoga Mat

Choose Among Nine Colours

This product’s 10 millimetre cushioning provides optimal thickness for a range of activities. It also stays flat on the ground without curling at the edges so you can get a jump start on your workout. Proworks


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